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Sweet Potato, White, Ipomoea Batatas

Sweet potato variety which looks and tastes similar to regular potatoes.


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If you want a sweet potato which resembles more your classical potato, go for white sweet potato!

White sweet potatoes are dryer, slightly nutty and mild in flavour, thus better for classic French fries. They are less sweet.

While they don’t boast as many nutrients than the orange sweet potato, they are still healthier than normal potatoes. 

All leaves of sweet potatoes are edible, making it a dual use crop.

Sweet potatoes are much more versatile in the garden than the unsightly usual potatoes. The leaves are pretty and they make a dense ground cover. Sweet potatoes can take some shade. They can be grown in hanging baskets or as a spillover plant.

Sweet potatoes are not frost hardy but can be grown as far South as Melbourne. Don’t over water as the roots can rot and don’t over fertilise either. They need good drainage.



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