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Azolla sp, Fern Leaf Azola


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Azolla is a floating fresh water fern which grows very rapidly in warmer weather, covering the water surface like a carpet if it has enough nutrients. Azolla looks really pretty, like a green carpet.

It has a symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria, so it is able to take Nitrogen from the air.  It tropical countries, Azolla is grown in ponds and scooped out daily to feed chicken, pigs and other animals. It is a good source of proteins, fatty acids and minerals.

The good side of Azola is that it cleans water, it uses up excessive nutrients and you can harvest it and use it as a fertiliser for your garden or as a good food for your chooks.

Because of its quick growth, Azolla may go through cycles of boom and bust in warm weather, but it slows down in colder weather. It does not survive frost.

Azolla can create a beautiful green carpet on your pond or even on a large saucer with water provided it receives some sunlight.

Azolla also makes a nice indoor plant!

Plant will be sent in a plastic bag. I don’t measure the amount but it will be a generous amount to start your azolla culture. In case you live in a cooler climate, you might divide the content of the bag and grow a part indoors. Also divide the culture if you have very hungry fish!


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