Food Forest Plants

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Food Forest Plants

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Shipping & Delivery

  • We ship every Monday to make sure that plants are not in transit over the weekend. In case Monday is a public holiday we ship on a Tuesday. In rare cases we might not ship for a week but this will be announced on the webpage. We use Australia Post and Express post only. If an order contains seeds only we use a letter post. The postage charges are just what Australia Post charges us, we do not charge extra for packaging.
  • We are still optimising our shipping and charges are likely to change. The costs don’t reflect packaging they are the shipping charges of Australia post. ATM we are charging $ 12.70 for 1 plant, $ 17 for 2-3 plants and $23.84 for up to 10 plants. Please contact us for more than 10 plants. We do NOT ship standard post we ONLY do express post, this is still the fastest option.
  • We do very much prefer you come and chose your plants. If you can drop us an email, we can make sure that we have the plants in question.
  • We ship with Australia Post Express post. The shipping rates are as follows: 2 plants $ 12.70, up 3-5 plants $ $ 16.75, up to 14 plants $ 20.65 and up to 29 plants $ 27.05. We do not charge for packaging and these are the rates Australia Post charges us, sorry. If you know a better option we are always happy to hear from you!
  • We are working towards standardising our pots and will in future only ship out 3 pot sizes as shown below. As much as we like using recycled pots that might not work out so well for shipping.

The pot sizes:

  • small 4 cm wide and 8 cm high.
  • Medium 5 cm wide and 12 cm high (forestry tube), this is my preferred pot and used in for most plants.
  • Large 6.5 cm wide and 16 cm high.
pot sizes at food forest plants nursery
  • Shipping charges may change without further notice, but you will get the right charge displayed at the checkout.
  • We do not ship overseas and we do not ship to WA and TAS sorry! If you are from NT, it’s probably best to contact me beforehand – first we can try to figure out how long the shipping takes and second whether the plants are suitable at all.
  • If a package arrives wilted or damaged, please contact me. Please send a photo also.  I am packing the plants well, but accidents happen.

Returns & Refunds

  • Please don not send any plants back! In case they arrive damaged or dead we rather refund them.
  • The size of the plant/pot is in mentioned in the plant description. However, the plants may look different than in the photo., due to the change of the season, hail, rain etc.  We also have to cut some plants back to fit in the package.


Most plants can be directly in the garden. Keep the site weed free until the plants are well established and water daily until established but don’t overwater! Dig the hole at least twice the width and depth of the pot, backfill with lose soil and gently tap around the plant. Mulch around the plant, but not with tree mulch for most of the specimens.

We send out every Monday unless announced differently. The Express post 24 hour guarantee is suspended but plants can be still shipped safely.

Our plants are not certified organic, because this is a huge process, unsuitable for our little nursery. But we do not spray any toxins (we try to do biodynamic brews and compost brews though). We do not use weedkillers and other nasties either.

No. Our plants are hardy and tough and grown in the open. Occasionally we start seeds under cover and we do start our cuttings under cover. But until the plants reach your garden they have seen storms, cold, heat and maybe snow.

The pot sizes are given in the description of each plant. They might vary slightly though, because we try to reuse and recycle as many pots as we can.

Yes we do, but only if you have something medicinal, edible or super exciting. Please have a look at the plants we already have! I don’t swap for more of the same…