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Taro, Pacific, Colocasia Esculenta


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Pacific Taro is a large tuber which can grow to 4 kg. Every time you harvest taro you also will harvest a considerable amount of biomass for your garden.

The taste? Don’t expect anything exciting, it’s a staple like potato or rice. It does taste nice though like a starchy potato. I find it great t be able to grow so many different starch crops, and taro is a tropical pretty looking one! The leaves are eaten too. Both tuber and leaves must be cooked thoroughly! Unlike potatoes, taro cannot be stored.

Potatoes do originate from the highlands, they prefer a cool climate while taro thrives in hot and humid climates.

It prefers moist ground and can be grown in waterlogged soil or boggy ground but also in regular garden beds as long as they are irrigated regularly.  I grow mine in a rather shady spot. It likes a good feed, however, I did not do this.

So far I grew taro in sodden soil, but I learned that the best tuber is produced in normal garden soil, which has to be kept moist.

I grow taro also for the looks, the huge leaves gives the impression of a tropical jungle! 

Other names: ubi keladi, woo tau, Taro or dasheen, peuak


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