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Mint: Native Mint, River Mint, Mentha australis

A non weedy cute looking mint for every garden.


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Native Mint: and easy Bush Tucker Plant
Native river mint has smaller and more delicate leaves than other mints.It has a similar aroma and similar use than other mints for cooking, tea, colds, flu and as an insect repellant.

River mint in the garden:
Native mint is a great choice for boggy areas but mine is happy in a rather dry spot (the mountains are not as dry as other areas though!). The plant grows in sun or shade. Prune to keep bush tidy. Native mint is less rampant than other mints, but it still suckers; if you don’t want that keep it in a pot. Compared to other mints it is a rather tidy plant and a good groundcover.

Although native mint is found in warmer climate it survived winters well.

Plant is sold in 40 mm round pots. The plants are small atm.


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