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Lebanese Cress, Apium nodifolium/Aethionema cordifolium


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Lebanese cress is a great food plant and groundcover for shade. Lebanese cress is one of these plants which don’t really need maintenance: very easy perennial salad plant which provides you fresh leaves year round. The taste is mild. The leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals and can be cooked too.

This plant prefers part shade to shade. Its natural habitat is near flowing streams. Some people grow it as a marginal pond plant. It grows well in containers too.

Lebanese cress looks pretty and you can use it in the garden as a low growing, weed excluding groundcover. It can grow to a patch two by two meters or more but it is easy to keep checked.

There is some confusion about the correct Latin name, some list it as Aethionema cordifolium, some as Apium nodiflorum, though the latter one seems to be correct.

Plant is sold in small round 40 mm tubes.


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