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Chinese Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum indicum,YeJu Hua

This is the real Chinese medicinal chrysanthemum, not the flower!


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This is not the garland chrysanthemum or edible chrysanthemum used in Chinese cooking it is the Chinese medicinal plant. It is easy to grow and grows to a nice bushy plant in just one summer. I was hunting for that plant for a while and can finally offer it! In Katoomba it flowered quite late and the bees were all over the plant, so I actually never harvested the flowers, we love our bees after all!

Plant it with something stiff in front to hold the chrysanthemum upright, it’s a floppy plant.

  • Flowers are used in tea
  • Traditional uses include: stomach and prostate cancer, high blood pressure, lowering blood sugar
  • Grows in tropical and cool areas, Hardy to -10 C, easy to grow
  • herbaceous perennial


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