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Food Forest Plants

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Ginkgo biloba, Maidenhair Tree

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Gingko tree plant online, herb for brain function anti ageing and more.


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After propagating gingko for a couple of years, I still find it hard to spell, it IS hard!

Ginkgo is a slow growing deciduous tree, ultimately to 20m but they will be happy in a big pot for a couple of years. (Make sure that you tease out the roots when planting out after that!). If you happen to go to Mt Tomah botanical garden in autumn can admire the spectacular creamy yellow autumn colour of several mature specimens.

Specimen, Street tree

This is a tree for cool to temperate climate, best grown in full sun but copes with part shade.

Ginkgo trees are either male of female – these are seedling trees are of unknown sex. The gingko nuts occur only on female trees provided they have a male in vicinity and the fruits around the nuts are smelly. It takes up to 35 years from seed for plants to come into bearing

enhance memory and brain function, especially in the elderly. This herb increases blood flow to the extremities, making it good for the brain, cold hands and feet and minor erectile problems. The Chinese consider it a premier anti-ageing herb.

dried leaves

he seed contains a mildly acrimonious principle that is unstable when heated. It is therefore best to cook the seed before eating it to ensure any possible toxicity is destroyed

Avoid if known allergy to Ginkgo or cross-react species (cashew, poison ivy). Not recommended for children. Avoid if on blood thinning medication (e.g. warfarin). Discontinue prior to surgery.

The leaves contain ginkgolides, these are compounds that are unknown in any other plant species[238]. Ginkgolides inhibit allergic responses and so are of use in treating disorders such as asthma[238]. Eye disorders and senility have also responded to treatment[237]. The leaves are best harvested in the late summer or early autumn just before they begin to change colour. They are dried for later use[237, 238]

Salisburia adiantifolia. Pterophyllus salisburiensis. Ginkgo macrophylla. Salisburia biloba