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Yomogi; Artemisia princeps – the Artemisia used for Moxibustion


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This is the famous Japanese artemisia used esxtensively in in moxibustion, Japanese folk medicine and to flavour the dish ‘mochi’.
Yomogi is an excellent smudging plant producing a smooth and cooling smoke that purifies the air and dispels negativity. Yomogi is sometimes used as a cold-hardy substitute to white sage.
Herbalists use Yomogi against chronic inflammatory conditions, eczema, dermatitis, asthma, hay fever, chronically inflamed joints, infections, malaria and for beautifying the skin.

Grow yomogi in a pot unless you want to supply the whole country with yomogi herb. If you plant it in your garden, don’t complain I warned you!
Herbaceous perennial native to Japan. It is a very vigorous plant which spreads rapidly by underground roots. Grow in well drained neutral or slightly alkaline soil in a sunny and dry position. That still means that the pot needs water or your yomogi will wilt!
In China it is known as huanghua ai (黄花艾, literally yellow-flower mugwort)


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