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Water Chestnut, Chinese, Eleocharis dulcis

Prolific easy to grow vegetable suitable for balconies and farms alike.


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The Chinese water chestnut is a very prolific vegetable, which, in ideal conditions can grow up to 100 chestnuts to one water chestnut planted! The nutritious Chinese water chestnut is an ideal self-sufficiency crop for people with courtyards, balconies (mind the weight!!) or tiny spaces – it is happy in a bucket or a farm dam alike!

Our waterchestnuts are sold in 40 mm forestry tubes. Due to legal requirements, we cannot send this plant to NT.

How to Grow chinese Water Chestnuts:

Chinese water chestnut likes a sunny spot and needs a growing season of 7 frost-free months. Allow 2-4 corms per square meter.

You can either start them in a small pot that is kept moist, indoors until the last frost or outdoors if you live in a frost-free climate. Or directly where they are intended to grow, but in both cases they should not be flooded and only kept moist!

Plant 5-10 cm deep and allow 10 cm space to increase water level later. Once the water chestnuts are grown to 10-20 cm increase the water level so that the water level is 10 cm above soil level and maintain the flooding during the growing season.


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