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Pepino, Solanum muricatum, Small fruiting plant

Small compact fruiting plant, fruits in the first year. Tastes similar to rockmelon but less sweet with a very slight tomato taste.


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Pepinos are small fruiting plants for tight spaces or fillers under fruit trees. Pepinos can be grown in bigger containers. In most cases, they fruit in the first year of planting. 

Pepinos taste a little bit like a rock melon, though less sweet and with a hint of tomato. The fruit are about 10 cm long.

It is easy to grow in frost-free climate and does not sprawl like melons. Pepinos shrubs are low, around 50 cm by 1 meter but they can spread to at least 2 meters across. Pepino grows very well in sandy soils, will grow in clay but will be less vigorous. 

It fruits pretty much around the year. If you live in an area with fruit flies pepino needs netting!


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