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Food Forest Plants

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Mint Apple, Mentha suaveolens – best for Mint Sauce

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Apple mint in the Kitchen:

Apple mint tastes fruity and sweeter than other mints – a hint of a Granny Smith apple in a mint! The milder taste makes apple mint popular for cocktails, sorbets or ice-cubes. It is the traditional mint for mint sauce. Apple mint is sought after for mint jelly too. It has a less pronounced mint flavour compared to other culinary mints.

Apple Mint as a herbal remedy:

Apple mint acts very similar to other mints. The main use for mints is to settle down an upset tummy. Mint fights colds and cough, beats stress, relieves headaches and more. Apple mint is commonly called hierbabuena in most South American and Spain, but this can refer to other plants as well.

Insect repellent and Room deodorizer:

Dried apple mint leaves retain their scent well and make great pot pourris. If planted around the house it drives away ants, cockroaches and mice. In Europe it was used as a strewing herb.

Apple Mint in the Garden:

Spreads like other mints, good container plant, 40-100 cm high, sun or shade. I think mint looks better in shade but it produces more essential oils in the sun.

Other common names: apple mint, wooly mint, hierbabuena, round-leaved mint.

Zone – 5-11