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Food Forest Plants

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Illawarra Plum, Plum Pine, Podocarpus Elatus, 20 Seeds

Sorry, I can’t send to WA, TAS or NT!

Yummy bush fruit on pretty pine, buy seeds online.


Out of stock

We’ll have plants in stock soon. I just want to wait until they are bigger, they are about 5 cm high atm.

All my seeds germinated nicely. I grew one batch on bottom heat and another outside, wind cold and all. The difference was that the bottom heat-treated seeds germinated earlier.

These seeds are very fresh, harvested on the 22nd of May 2023. They are therefore not germination tested. If you only buy seeds I reimburse part of the postage to the real cost (It’s too complicated doing it automatically at this time).

Why Plum Pine?

Plum pine is a native fruit which actually tastes good out of hand and is a heavy cropper. Here, in the Port Stephens area, the fruit ripens end of May. The flavour is sweet with a hint of pine.

It can be turned into jams, jellies, marinates sauces and cheesecakes. Illawarra plum is easy in the kitchen because the fruit consists of two segments, the seeds and the fruit – simply twist the seed off.

Plum Pine is a superfood. It is loaded with antioxidants, high in vitamin c and a scientists found that it inhibits colon cancer cells.

Plum Pine in the Garden

Plum Pine is evergreen. For fruit male and female plants are required. (Leave one male for several female trees).

Plum Pine grows in full sun or part-shade. It is drought hardy and salt tolerant. It will tolerate a wide range of soils, prefers neutral or acid soils and needs good drainage. It grows slowly to 8-10 meters.


Best sown in autumn or spring in sandy soil. Temperature: around 25 C. Soak for 48 hrs. Bottom heat will help germination.