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Food Forest Plants

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Culantro, Eryngium foetidum

Organic culantro plant. Perennial substitute for coriander in hot weather.


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Our organic culantro herb plants are sold in 40 mm pots.

Culantro is a low growing herb with a flavour similar to cilantro, but it can be grown throughout summer.

The plants are low-growing to approx. 30 cm and prefer semi-shade and a well-drained soil.

Unlike real coriander it remains the flavour when it’s dried or cooked.  Culantro is a short lived perennial or annual in colder climates, or if grown in a pot you can overwinter it inside.

From diabetes, to hypertension, colds, fevers and other ailments, this plant was used in herbal medicine.

Other names: recao, ngo gai, alcanate, herbe à fer, coulante, shado beni and bhandhania.


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