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Cranberry Hibiscus, Hibiscus acetosella


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Sorry, the plant has outgrown the pots and is available at the nursery only!

Cranberry hibiscus is an edible plant for the front garden! The maroon leaves and pink flowers give your edible landscape a splash of colour!

The leaves are acid and the flowers can be eaten also, but they are very mild in flavour. They can be used to give colour to drinks and tea. The leaves contain oxalic acid.

Cranberry hibiscus is a short-lived shrub about 2 meters high. It likes full-sun to part shade. Tip-prune to maintain vigour. It likes moisture, rich and well-drained soil and mulch. Cranberry hibiscus is not very frost-hardy.

Other names: African rosemallow, false roselle, maroon mallow, Florida cranberry


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