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Food Forest Plants

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Cowslip, Primula Veris, Primula officinalis: the helper for colds and flu

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This is most likely the last time we offer primula veris. I can’t imagine that these plants flowering when the snow thaws will like it in our warm climate. I still have some and planted some to try how they will fare.

Cowslip: your herbal helper in early spring!

These are one of the first plants to flower in early spring, when there’s still some snow left and the days get longer and the days sunnier. A definitive must for every cottage garden with benefits for your health!

This herb does not only cheer you up it helps to overcome winter colds and flues, warms the body and helps with spring detoxifying.

Primula veris makes a sedative tea for treating insomnia and was used for nervine problems, hyperactivity and anxiety. It was used for colds and flu like symptoms too.

Cook with cowslips:

The leaves were once eaten in salads or cooked and the flowers used to flavour country wines. They can be used to garnish salads.

Cowslip for a clean skin:

Cowslip makes a very good skin cleaning lotion for treating akne, blemishes and gives you a fresh skin.

How to grow cowslips:

Evergreen perennial from Europe. Easy plant which thrives in light shade to full shade, in average or moist soils. Likes compost and leaf mould.  Literature suggests that it can be grown in USDA zones 4A to 9b, it is probably not happy in the warmer areas. 20 cm x 20 cm.

Other common names: Palsywort, Schluesselblume (German)

USDA zone: 4a o 9b