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Food Forest Plants

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Native Redback Ginger, Alpinia Caerulea

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A versatile bush food plant with a tropical look!


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I like all the gingers the look, the taste just everything and I want to grow them all! This redback ginger has it all: it looks tropical, is native, the roots are yummy and the leaves can be used as a natural wrapper. I can’t wait to taste the berries! Redback ginger is native to the Atherton tablelands near Cairns.

Redback ginger can be grown indoors as it is suited to low-light situations.

What are the Uses of Redback Ginger?

The leaves can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to aluminium foil in wrapping food with the additional benefit of adding flavour.

The root tastes similar to ginger but milder and can be used is all sorts of fermented drinks, ginger beer cooking, jams or sweets.

The fruits are edible, but the seeds should be avoided.

How to grow redback ginger

Redback ginger can grow to about 2 meters by 1 meter and is quite ornamental. It likes shade or at least semi-shade. Redback ginger can be grown in a big pot or even indoors!

It should survive light frosts and grow back from the rhizomes, it is suitable to warm temperate and subtropical climate.

Native redback ginger prefers constantly moist soil and mulch. Cut back to the ground if it looks untidy. This ginger does not like wind-exposed sites.

The plants are supplied in a forestry tube.