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Chinese Potato, Hausa Potato, Plectranthus rotundifolius



Another interesting plectranthus! Hausa potato is one of the forgotten crops of Africa. It’s pretty, it’s a groundcover, it’s easy to grow, nutritious and similar in taste to the common potato.

While not very well known in Australia, this potato is grown in many African and Asian countries.

It likes fertile, moist soil in full sun or part shade. These potatos cannot be grown in clay or waterlogged soil. They grow well in large pots.

Hausa potato probably does not survive frost and likes warm-temperate, subtropical or tropical climates.

The leaves are used in traditional medicine.


Other names:

Sudan potato, Zulu potato, Hausa potato, native potato, country potato, pomme de terre de Madagascar, ngaboyo, fabirama, fabourama, pesa, pessa, tumuku, fabirama, usu ni gé, usu ni fin, peinssa, ಸಂಬ್ರಾಣಿ, कूक, കൂർക്ക, ඉන්නල, சிறு கிழங்கு, มันขี้หนู, kentang hitam, kentang ireng, kleci, ubi keling and ubi kemili.

Plectranthus ternatus, Solenostemon rotundifolius


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