Food Forest Plants

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Food Forest Plants

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Our New Plant Nursery, Big Plans and a Bit of a Vision

our garden

The last two years we were a bit stretched to our limits and that showed up in our nursery and The garden. The reason was we purchased a garden property in the Port Stephens area with a much different climate than in Katoomba.

We are Czech and German and growing bananas, Taro and rare exotic plants is super exciting for us!

We don’t like driving very far and so slowly the idea grew to move closer to our garden and create the food forest plant nursery.

We are still selling the house in Katoomba with all these lovely and super rare herbs and then we did not set up the nursery yet, but we already planted and labelled an exciting variety of plants.

Some of the plants will be the same but there are quite some new varieties. like taro which I don’t have a clue how to cook with!

The warm temperate/subtropical allows for so many more perennial edible species than a cool climate garden like perennial spinaches, cooking bananas, or cassava.

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